Needlefoot  was founded in 2011 by Deborah Galloway and Emma McFarland to produce, direct and choreograph original collaborative works.


Needlefoot Dance-theatricals  take over unusual spaces creating audience immersive performances.

Productions and performances  draw on the history, myth, culture or architecture of the location to devise an imaginary theatrical world.   Unusual performance settings inspire original works, brought to you through dance, theatre, sound and the visual arts, which can be alternately enchanting, dreamy and playful or powerful, intense and thought-provoking. 


Choreographic Productions and Events have been inspired by exhibitions, museum galleries, stories and fairy tales, historic sites and archives. Creating bygone eras to futuristic timewarps or developing theatrical worlds from computer games and interactive visuals, Needlefoot Productions are unique experiences made to get lost in.


Excellence, creative innovation and the primacy of the audience’s experience lie at the heart of all Needlefoot’s work.

Using man-made and natural locations, from a historic house to  a hidden cave, secret underground venue  to a busy city street, the viewer becomes a traveller passing through, a visitor drawn into an imaginary landscape.  The architecture of the site is amplified and animated.  The audience’s imaginations, senses and emotions are provoked. 


Needlefoot’s work is rooted in the creativity and style of contemporary dance, with artistic collaboration across artforms a key element of the Company’s work. 


Works included Best in Show, She knocked Three Times, Royal Connections at Orleans House for Museum Lates and Kew Palace Dance Film 2011/2012.