is currently in its pre-production research and development phase. See Below for concept 


Made By

Director & Choreographer    Deborah Galloway

And Playwright & Poet

   Sarah HehiR

Inferno is a combination of

Dance + Theatre, set in the abstract world of the 7th Circle of Hell


The realistic dialogue of conversation will morph into the heightened world of poetry. naturalistic movement will switch to highly physical contemporary dance

The structure of the work is as fluid as thought: jumping internally in space and time from the past to the present to the future. The real will slip into the imagined, surreal world of the imagination and of dreams.

   7th Circle of     Hell:

A Place which houses the violent where time and space, loops

    in circles.

Here a man and his body go on a journey of discovery together




What goes on inside the brain? 

Because we are conscious and sentient, does that mean we are in control of our thoughts and our dreams? And how do different individuals and cultures cope with the seduction of the shadow or inner dark side?


Researching into the surreal power struggle between the mind, body and spirit, I came across the Christian Everyman morality tale (where the good and evil deeds of one's life will be judged by God after death) I began to wonder if internal and external worlds could be judged differently.




Could the journey to discover the self be full of absurdity, hilarity, extreme bahaviours and enlightenment with no mental illness in sight?


And, can we divorce the concept of good and evil from its religious connotations and truly start to eplore it as a tale of everyman and everywoman



INFERNO explores the  extraordinary conversations which take place inside our minds. The changing status and power of the dark side/ ego/ emotions and body. The journey is forever changing: one moment full of love, strife, desire and then confusion, hilarity & self-reflection. 


Body VS Man

The submissive body is given the opportunity to fight back and hold the man to account for his actions. Who controls who?

Can violence permeate through the frequency of thought?

What damage and disease can  our thoughts cause? The body is our silent partner through life but now it’s time to turn the tables. 

If there were no limitations enforced internally then the result would be endless expansion of thought, physicality and possibility.  Inferno  explores who

is in control: the body, mind

or spirit? 

Inferno will ultimately be a celebration of chaos where a human ( boy and soul) revels in the struggle for clarity and meaning: the ultimate adventure rather than a moral maze

After the Show

An exciting part of this new work is the powerful workshop programme that engages with the public. 


The practical workshops inspire participants to embody and engage with the theme of self awareness, body centering, choice,

unlocking creativity, empowerment, mindfulness  and transformation. 


Through games, group work and responding to tasks the participants will explore their own thought processes and how to empower themselves through a physical  workshop

in a studio.

Inferno has a cast of 3

Due to the physical nature of the work a stage area is required approx stage 15 metres wide and 12 metres deep.

If you are interested in the production as a programmer, festival programmer, scientist, collaborator, performer, producer or helper in any way 

please get in contact

07811 125 610